Emotional Shadow Work Certification for Empaths and Lightworkers

Feeling all the feels, all the time, and SO deeply, can seem more like a curse than a gift for the jaded empath. When all of the emotions of daily life are piling on, it can confuse you, erode your confidence, and destroy your relationships. You know you’re meant to be a healer and lightworker, but how can you show up for your family, your partner, and your clients if you're feeling so overwhelmed? Like you can never really fill your own cup first? The Empath School will teach you how to reclaim your power over emotions and find your empathic life filled with grace, ease, and abundance. 

In this program, you’ll learn: 

  • Why “love and light” aren’t getting you what you really need
  • How to hold your authenticity and integrity as a healer 
  • The surprising secret that turns your shitty feelings into magick
  • What are your feelings vs. their feelings?
  • How to keep your own cup filled while still showing up for the work you were meant to do in the world
  • The biggest mistakes that empath life coaches and lightworkers make (and how to prevent them!) 
  • How to build better boundaries with your loved ones and clients 
  • Psychic tools and tricks to cleanse and protect your own energy 
  • How to use your intuition to make your empathy work for you instead of against you

We’ll help you find your own source of personal power, remove the blocks that get in your way, make your life and your relationships easier, and support you in reaching your spiritual, emotional, and career goals. If you’re tired of waiting for things to get better, and you’re ready to step into an easier life as an empath and lightworker, don’t wait any longer. It’s time to turn your curse into the gift it was always meant to be.

Not only will you be personally up-leveling in a major way, but upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate for Emotional Shadow Work. This certificate proves to your current and future clients that you value authenticity in your work over all else, and that you’ve taken a guided tour of your own darkness, which means you’re more equipped to hold safe and protected spaces for your work with others. In a world where life coaches and healers get messy about their energy, project their own issues into your space, and use predatory emotional marketing ploys, this certificate shows that you always strive to keep healthy and clean containers for the important work of self-growth and spiritual healing. 

If you want to work with us, and are ready to invest in yourself emotionally, financially, and spiritually, schedule a free Empath Strategy Session to see if we’re a fit to work with eachother.