Ora, what exactly do you do?

I help empaths gain control over emotional overwhelm so they can lead easier and more fulfilling lives and relationships.

The Empath Program is an intensive 8-week healing protocol that incorporates tools and skills that every [jaded and/or irritated and/or overwhelmed and/or "extra"] empath needs with 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions and healing sessions of multiple energy modalities. 

What's it about?

Feeling everything so deeply all the time can seem more like a curse than a gift for the jaded empath. When all of the emotions of daily life are piling on, it can confuse you, erode your confidence, and destroy your relationships. The Empath Program is designed to teach you how to reclaim your power over emotions and find your empathic life filled with grace and ease. 

Some of the things we'll discover together:

  • Why “love and light” aren’t getting you what you really need 
  • The weird truth about those feelings that make you feel like crap
  • What are your feelings vs. their feelings? 
  • How to build boundaries for better and easier relationships 
  • Tools and tricks to cleanse and protect your own energy
  • How to use your intuition to make your empathy work for you instead of against you

My goal is to help you find your own source of personal power, remove the blocks that get in your way, make your life and your relationships easier, and support you in reaching your spiritual/emotional/career goals. To make the process even more potent, I do intensive healing sessions on you every other week, helping to clear out old energies, uncover hidden knowledge and power, and boost your own individual brand of magick

What's the format?

  • Every week for 8 weeks, you meet with me on Zoom for 1-on-1 coaching and healing. We alternate between coaching weeks and healing weeks. Coaching weeks get one 1-hour long session, while healing weeks get one 2-hour long session. This protocol was developed to get the most energetic effect in a relatively short timespan, so it tends to get really deep really fast. 
  • There are weekly recorded classes filled with tips and exercises for getting to the core of your truest self, so we can empower your empathy, rather than overwhelm it. 
  • You have unlimited text/email support with me personally. I know that when we're doing such deep emotional work, things come up outside of your sessions that you need support with. I'm here for you. 
  • There are 4 intensive energy healing sessions total. The modalities I work with are: Spiritual Light Body Activation, shamanic Soul Retrieval, Neural Pathway Healing, and Etheric Clearing. Please feel free to ask me about my healing work, I encourage it.   

But will I get lost in the shuffle? 

I take a MAXIMUM of THREE clients per month. Three. That's it. I do this because the work that we do together is intimate. It's deep. I am all-in with you. We'll get to know eachother pretty well, because I only work with people that are a "Hell yes!" for me. And I only want to work with people who see me as a "Hell yes!" as well. This is how we'll create alchemy. 

But is this a safe space? 

Yes. I promise you. Proper healing requires the proper container. This program is built on the foundation of safe emotional spaces. I know that you've been through so much as an empath. I know the pain and the trauma and the difficulties you've endured. I am not here to shame or judge you for any of that. I am here to create a safe space for ALL of your feelings (not just the fuzzy unicorn rainbow ones!) and nurture and validate those feelings, so that you can rise in your own power.

More than anything, I believe that you need to be able to trust your healer/coach. You need to trust that they have your highest good as their priority at all times, and that you are safe with them. This is why we get to know eachother a bit first before committing to work together. This is a big deal, babes. 

I'm an empath and i'm interested. What's my next step here? 

I love it. If you're ready to invest in yourself emotionally, financially, and spiritually, let's schedule a free 20 minute Empath Strategy Session below so we can spend some time together and see if we're a good fit. I'll e-mail you the link to my Zoom online meeting room right before your scheduled time.

(P.S. If you're not tech-comfortable with schedulers and Zoom but you still want to learn more, let's do it the old school way and jump on a call. Contact me here and include your phone number and we'll connect!)